Tutorial - Activate a New PirateID User Account

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NEW ECU users claim, or activate their ECU PirateID user account through a two-step process:

  1. Create a password. After log in, register with the PirateID Self Service system, then create an ECU password.* Login: pirateid.ecu.edu
  2. Set up account authentication (MFA). Log in to Microsoft 365 Outlook. First-time users are prompted to set up account authentication (MFA) for access to ECU systems and resources. Login: mymail.ecu.edu

*If you are both student and staff, each account is activated separately. Alumni use the Microsoft 365 Self Service Password Service to manage their alumni password.

Faculty/staff using an ECU-managed Mac, change their password through the computer "locally," not through PirateID Self Service. See the Related Articles section on this page for instructions.

Staff using Windows OS and all current students (Windows and Mac) log in to PirateID Self Service through the Firefox or Chrome browser. THE SAFARI BROWSER IS NOT SUPPORTED FOR PIRATEID SELF SERVICE.

Step 1. Navigate to PirateID Self Service

  1. Go to pirateid.ecu.edu using Chrome or Firefox (Safari is not supported). The PirateID Self Service dialog box opens.
  2. There are three drop-down tabs:
    • Log In
    • Forgot your password or activate your PirateID?
    • Account locked out?
  3. Choose the Forgot your password or activate your PirateID? tab.
  4. Type in your PirateID username and the captcha numerals. Click Continue.

NOTE: Your PirateID username begins with your last name, then first name initials and the year you were admitted or your hire date. EXAMPLE: peedeepi24. A PirateID is your username and is different from your Banner ID.

Step 2. Choose a verification method for PirateID Self Service*

PirateID Self Service requires an account verification method when you log in for annual password resets or to unlock your user account. You will also set up a separate verification method in Step 5 to use to access email, Canvas and other ECU systems.

  1. Set up one of the following identity verification methods for the PirateID Self Service system (only). Then choose Continue

Security questions. Information from your student/employee application.

Note: Some users do not submit an application and therefore have no personal info in the system. These users should choose email or text verification.

Email verification. Receive a code to your personal email account. You must choose your personal email address as you don't yet have access to your ECU email.

Note: Don't see your personal email address? Submit the ECU Password/MFA Reset Request or call the IT Service Desk at 252-328-9866.

SMS text verification. Receive a code to your mobile phone.

Note: The password reset system cannot currently send a text message to an international phone number. Therefore, international students should choose security questions or emailed code. Also, if your phone number in the systems is 999-99-9999, Submit the ECU Password/MFA Reset Request or call the IT Service Desk at 252-328-9866.


Step 3. Verify your identity in PirateID Self Service

  1. Follow the dialog boxes to complete identity verification.

Code emailed to your personal email or texted to your phone.

Code texted to your phone

Two questions specific to you

*If we are unable to populate your application information - phone number, personal email address - into PirateID Self Service, you will not be able to activate here. Please submit the ECU Password/MFA Reset Request, call the IT Service Desk at 252-328-9866 or visit your nearest Pirate Techs location.

Step 4. Create your password

  1. After verification, the Change Password dialog box opens. Create a password that follows this criteria:
    • At least 15 characters
    • Must be changed every 365 days
    • Upper case letters
    • Lower case letters
    • Numbers
    • Special characters (!, @, *)
  2. See the Best Practice - Tips for a Secure Password article for more information.

Step 5. Log in to ECU email | configure MFA

First-time users are prompted to set up account verification (MFA) methods to access ECU systems like Microsoft 365, email, Canvas, etc. Login: mymail.ecu.edu

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