Tutorial - Claim a New PirateID


Any new user - faculty, staff, student, contract employee, retiree, etc. - must first activate a new PirateID and create a passphrase.  If you are both student and staff, each account is activated separately.

For assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk 252-328-9866 | 800-340-7081 or visit your nearest Pirate Techs Technology Support Center.

Get Started

Step 1

Navigate to pirateid.ecu.edu. The password maintenance tool opens. Type in your PirateID* and the challenge text. Choose Next.

The challenge text is not case sensitive. Buttons to the right read the text aloud or generate a new challenge.


*Your PirateID is the first part of your ECU email address - the part before the @ symbol.

Step 2

Type in your ECU ID (looks something like B0000000) and choose Next.

Step 3

Agree to the terms and conditions for passphrase maintenance.


Step 4

Enter an alternate notification email address messages are sent to both the ECU email AND this address when password maintenance is accessed using your PirateID. Choose Next.


Step 5

Enter a mobile number to receive an activation code if you are ever locked out of your account. The format is 2521231234 (no hyphens or spaces). Choose Next.


Step 6

Select and answer two authentication questions and then create question three.* Choose Next. The screen should read, "Registration Succeeded."


NOTE: If you see this message: "The application does not have sufficient information available for you to activate your account," complete the Passphrase Reset Authorization form or visit your nearest Pirate Techs location for in-person assistance.

Step 7

The password maintenance main menu opens. Choose Set Passphrase. Enter and confirm your new 15-character password,* then choose Set Passphrase. Return to the main menu and exit the system.


*NOTE: To set a password that conforms to ECU password criteria, see the Create a Secure Passphrase tutorial in the Related Articles section of this page.

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