Called two-step authentication or multifactor authentication, set up the method you use to sign in to ECU resources.

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Pinned Article Overview - Number Matching Account Authentication

May 8, 2023. Number matching is one of the ways users can choose to verify their identity when logging in to ECU resources.

Pinned Article Tutorial - Manage Account Authentication Settings

Access and update MFA verification methods for your account. For users who have already claimed (activated) their account.

Account Authentication Tutorials

A list of Account Authentication overview and how-to articles.

MFA: Mobile App Verification

Set up multifactor authentication using the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app. Recommended MFA method.

MFA: Phone Call Verification

Configure your account for Multifactor Authentication (MFA) using the phone call option.

MFA: Text Message Verification

Enroll your Microsoft 365 account for Multifactor Authentication (MFA) using a text message.