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Beforing requiring students to use an educational tool not provided by ECU, consider these university standards for privacy and security.
ECU data stored external to ECU requires authorization of the department head, data owner and CIO.
Overview of the security requirements for administrators of systems hosted EXTERNAL to ECU
The Symantec Endpoint Protection license expires September 6, 2020. Follow these instructions to replace Symantec with Windows Defender.
Check the areas of your Windows 10 computer that Defender is protecting.
See this explanation of resources available to ECU users and appropriate collaboration and sharing tools.
Let these FAQs answer your questions about AIP.
Cisco AMP for Endpoints is a cloud-based malware protection software that scans your ECU-managed Mac or Windows system for malicious software. AMP for Endpoints works in conjunction with other virus protection tools to protect your computer.
See these confidentiality terms and conditions for receiving an invitation to and attending a virtual meeting in Microsoft Teams or any other virtual medium.
If you manage non-computer equipment connected to the ECU wired network, check the schedule below to make sure your device is scheduled for migration to its own network segment.
See these instructions to authenticate to the ECU wired network.
Servers, NAS and IoT devices maintained by departments connect to an individual, secured segment of the ECU wired network and allow users access while blocking communication within and between other segments of the ECU network.
Some apps and older mobile devices may not support MFA. You will need to configure these accounts using a Microsoft app password to replace your ECU passphrase.