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Department-owned devices connect to a secured segment of the wired network.
Scheduled dates for network access control implementation. Updates applied after hours.
Allowed sharing and collaboration resources for the ECU wired network.
See these instructions to authenticate to the ECU wired network.
Scheduled dates for wired network access control deployment. Updates applied after hours.
Cisco AMP for Endpoints is a cloud-based malware protection software installed on ECU-managed computers.
May 8, 2023. Number matching is one of the ways users can choose to verify their identity when logging in to ECU resources.
All users: choose one of three ways to reset your ECU passphrase.
Guidance for the appropriate use and security of department-purchased mobile devices to protect the ECU network and information from unauthorized access.
Let these FAQs answer your questions about AIP.
Self Service Password Reset is a secure, Microsoft cloud service that allows users to change or unlock their PirateID password.
Your ECU passphrase must be changed every 90 days using Microsoft Azure SSPR. These tips help you create a secure password that is easy to remember.
Set up multifactor authentication using the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app. Recommended MFA method.
Protect ECU data by following this guidance when using your personally-owned computer for university business.
Frequent questions from users about MFA.