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ITCS manages some options and disables other consumer-oriented apps on ECU-managed (ECU-owned) Mac computers.
Follow these instructions to switch your primary MFA verification method to the mobile app. This is the recommended option, especially for international travel.
Schedule dates for Health Sciences. Updates applied after hours.
Protect ECU data by following this guidance when using your personally-owned computer for university business.
Some apps and older mobile devices may not support MFA. You will need to configure these accounts using a Microsoft app password to replace your ECU passphrase.
Access your Microsoft 365 account settings to change your verification method, change a verification mobile number and create additional app passwords.
Safe Links, a feature of Microsoft 365’s Advanced Threat Protection email security service, helps faculty and staff make the correct call on links sent through email.
Check the areas of your Windows 10 computer that Defender is protecting.
Configure Dell Encryption software for your Mac computer.
Configure Dell Encryption software for your Windows computer.
See these instructions to authenticate to the ECU wired network.
Allowed sharing and collaboration resources for the ECU wired network.
Servers, NAS and IoT devices maintained by departments connect to an individual, secured segment of the ECU wired network and allow users access while blocking communication within and between other segments of the ECU network.
You must agree to the conditions in this confidentiality agreement to be granted administrative privileges to Mediasite.
All ECU users are responsible for the information in their care. See these opportunities to help you meet this important goal.