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You must agree to the conditions in this confidentiality agreement to be granted administrative privileges to Mediasite.
This MOU outlines the scope of services and responsibilities for systems hosted by departments.
ECU has designated FERPA data as Level 3 Sensitive/Confidential. Learn how to store and access FERPA.
To prevent data loss and compromise, every user should report security concerns whether benign and accidental or malicious and deliberate.
All mobile devices used to access ECU email or other business functions require the device meet security requirements and be encrypted. This article outlines how to enable encryption on your personal mobile device.
Guidance for the appropriate use and security of department-purchased mobile devices to protect the ECU network and information from unauthorized access.
Follow these guidelines when accessing and using HIPAA data using a mobile device
ECU data stored external to ECU requires authorization of the department head, data owner and CIO.
This edition of the IT Security Series discusses misinformation and disinformation as emerging threats, shares how to become a critical news consumer and provides fact-checking tools.
Spirion security program overview.
Let these FAQs answer your questions about AIP.
Before requiring students to use an educational tool not provided by ECU, consider these university standards for privacy and security.
In this edition of the IT Security Series, we share tips and resources you can use to protect yourself from Online Identity Theft and Phishing Scams.
File sharing is prohibited at ECU unless a user is granted an exception. These are the conditions users must follow when allowed a file sharing exception.
Compliance do's and don'ts for management of user information.