NVivo Terms and Conditions

In exchange for granting me the right to possess, install and use a copy of QSR NVivo software (“Software”) on my ECU computer or laptop or personal computer (“Hardware”), I agree that:

  1. The Software is the copyrighted property of QSR International Pty Ltd. (“QSR”). Neither I nor ECU owns the Software or any copies hereof which are being provided to me.
  2. ECU licenses the Software from QSR and annually pays license fees for a limited number of copies in accordance with ECU’s license agreement with QSR. A license for the software may not be shared or used concurrently on different computers. As a primary user of each licensed computer, I may make a second copy for my exclusive use on a personal computer. I will not permit access to the Software by others.
  3. Source code underlying the object code provided with the Software is trade secret of QSR and its licensors which I am not authorized to access. I will not alter, decompile, disassemble, merge, modify or adapt the Software in any way or otherwise attempt to access such source code. I will not lend, rent, lease or license the Software or any copy.
  4. I will use the Software within the United States for teaching or nonprofit research for ECU only and understand that any commercial or profit-making use of the Software is strictly prohibited.
  5. When I am no longer a faculty member, staff member or registered student of ECU, or when requested to do so by QSR or ECU, I will return the Software to the appropriate ECU official and/or delete all images/programs of the Software installed on my Hardware.
  6. If I violate any of the above terms, ECU has the right to take disciplinary action against me and QSR has the right to take legal action against me.


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