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Begin your journey at ECU by following these steps. For links to step-by-step instructions, see the Related Articles section on this page.

Step 1. Activate your PirateID user account and create a password.

  1. Get started at pirateid.ecu.edu.
  2. Choose the Forgot your password or Activate new account? tab and sign in.
  3. Choose one method of identity verification:
    • Emailed code to personal email account. Do not choose @students.ecu.edu!
    • Texted code to mobile number. If you are an international student or you see phone number 999-99-9999, submit the Password Reset Form or call the IT Service Desk at 252-328-9866.
    • Two questions specific to information in your student app.
  4. Follow the dialog boxes to verify your identity.
  5. Create your 15-character password.

Step 2. Log in to your ECU email and set up account authentication

  1. Log in to mymail.ecu.edu. Click the Set it up now link.
  2. Choose a default authentication method. The Microsoft Authenticator app is recommended.

Step 3. Download Microsoft Office to your computer*

  1. From Outlook, choose app launcher icon.
  2. From the apps flyout menu, choose Microsoft 365.
  3. From the Microsoft 365 page, click the Install and more drop-down menu. Click the Install Microsoft 365 apps link.
  4. Follow the prompts to install to your computer.

*mobile apps available through your phone's app store.

Step 4. Connect to your Microsoft 365 OneDrive cloud storage (5TB)

  1. Click the OneDrive icon (Windows) or launch the OneDrive app (macOS). Open Settings.
  2. Follow the dialog boxes to add your ECU account. See the Related Articles section on this page for an overview of OneDrive features.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Visit the Student Quick Links website for information on FREE software, learning platform info for classes and computer labs.


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