Students, faculty, staff, retirees, unpaid affiliates password and account authentication management.

Articles (8)

Overview - PirateID Self Service

ECU has switched to a new password reset process called PirateID Self Service.

Tutorial - Activate a New PirateID User Account

NEW USERS who need to activate their new ECU user account and create a password.

Tutorial - Manage ECU Account Authentication

CURRENT USERS. Set up and manage verification methods that allow you to access ECU apps and systems.

Tutorial - PirateID Self Service Enrollment

CURRENT USERS who have not yet enrolled with the new PirateID Self Service but need to reset their password.

Tutorial - PirateID Self Service Password Reset

Students, faculty, staff | Password resets are required every 365 days. See these instructions.

Best Practice - Tips for a Secure Password

Password security tips plus a trick to help you create an easy-to-remember password.

Tutorial - Change a Mac Password (ECU-Managed)

ECU-managed Mac users change their password locally rather than using PirateID Self Service.

Tutorial - Update Computer Login Password Off-Campus

Teleworking? Traveling? Update your computer login password after you update your ECU password.