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Onboard (connect) your Android device to eduroam, ECU's primary network. Once the secureW2 certificate is installed, your eduroam connection is good for four years. If you have issues connecting, call the IT Service Desk at 252-328-9866 or visit your nearest Pirate Techs walk-in location.

IMPORTANT! If you are OFF campus, connected to ecu-wifi or cellular service, go to http://onboard.ecu.edu and SKIP TO STEP 2.

Step 1

From your device's Wi-Fi settings, join the eduroam network using your PirateID and passphrase.


Once your device connects, go to https://onboard.ecu.edu. The ECU Network Configuration Utility opens.

Step 2

Tap Download (in Step 1). The Google Play Store opens to the secureW2 app.


Step 3

Tap Install. SecureW2 configures and connects your device to the eduroam network.

IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this app after onboarding. It is required to maintain your connection to eduroam.


Step 4

Tap Accept. This gives secureW2 permission to access your device, app history and Wi-Fi connection.


Step 5

From the SecureW2 app, tap JoinNow (Step 2).


Step 6

A notification states: "We are now launching a separate dialog to continue sign-in at your account provider website. When you have successfully signed in, the application will continue.” Tap Next. The ECU sign-in dialog box opens.


Step 7

Sign in using your ECU email address and passphrase. Tap Next.


Step 8

Type your ECU passphrase. You will see your email address in the dialog box. Tap Sign in.


IMPORTANT: If you are not on the ECU network while following these steps – you are at home or using cellular service, for example – you will be asked to approve the sign-in request through your MFA verification method: text, phone call or code/prompt.

Step 9

The secureW2 app reopens and states, "Click continue to return to the application and complete the enrollment process. Tap Continue.


Step 10

The next screen states: "You are going to see this notification next. Make sure to Allow." The notification screen shot states: "Allow suggested Wi-Fi networks? JoinNow MultiOS suggested networks. Device may connect automatically." Tap Next.


Step 11

A dialog box on the screen asks, "Allow suggested Wi-Fi networks? JoinNow MultiOS suggested networks. Device may connect automatically." Tap Allow.

If you are within range of the eduroam network, your device automatically connects. You see, "Successfully connected to: eduroam." If eduroam does not automatically connect, try turning the Wi-Fi service off, then on.

If the process is completed off campus, you see a message the network is out of range. eduroam automatically connects when you get to campus.


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