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These instructions help you connect (onboard) your Chromebook to the eduroam network. During setup, the JoinNow wizard checks minimum requirements and installs a certificate on your device. This certificate is active for four years.

IMPORTANT!  If you are connected to ecu-wifi or your cellular service, navigate to http://onboard.ecu.edu and SKIP TO STEP 2.

Step 1

Click the Wi-Fi button at the bottom-right corner of your screen and select the eduroam network.

Select the following items under the drop-down menus:

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • Server CA certificate: Do not check

Enter your PirateID and passphrase in the Identity and Password fields and click Connect.


The Network Connection Portal opens. If the portal does not open, navigate to http://onboard.ecu.edu.

Step 2

From the ECU Network Configuration Utility screen, click Install. This will launch another tab to install the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.


Step 3

Install the JoinNow MultiOs extension. The Chrome Web Store opens in a new tab. Click Add to Chrome.


A JoinNow MultiOS dialog box opens. Click Add extension.


The extension downloads and a dialog box opens indicating that the extension has been added to Chrome.


Return to the Network Connection Portal tab.

Step 4

Return to the ECU Network Configuration Utility. From the Network Configuration Utility tab, click Sign in.


Step 5

The Microsoft login page opens. Enter your ECU email address. Click Next.

Step 6

The ECU single sign-on (SSO) page opens. Enter your full ECU email address and passphrase. Click Sign in.

IMPORTANT: If you are not on the ECU network while following these steps – you are at home or using cellular service, for example – you will be asked to approve the sign-in request through your MFA method: text, phone call or code/prompt.



Step 7

Import the ONC configuration file. You are redirected to the Network Configuration Utility. Click Download. This will download the SecureW2.onc file, open an instructions tab and open the chrome://net-internals/#chromos tab.


Step 8.

Review the instructions tab.



Step 9

Switch to the chrome://network/#general tab. Click the Choose File button. Your Downloads folder opens.


Select the ONC file labeled, SecureW2.onc. Click Open. This will install and configure the necessary settings. Close the browser tabs.

IMPORTANT: When importing the ONC file, you may receive an error that "No file is selected." If you receive this error, it is safe to ignore the error and continue to Step 10.


Step 10

Click the Wi-Fi button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Select eduroam to connect.

A pop-up prompts you to join the network. You'll see the certificate and your email address in the User certificate field. Click Connect.

You are now fully connected to the eduroam wireless network.


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