Technology Device Recommendations

Department Desktop and Laptop Computers

Departments purchasing desktop and laptop computers using state funds, including grant monies, are required to follow ECU's technology purchasing process. To request a consult or quote for a new purchase, please submit the Department Computer Support service request.

Portable External Storage Devices

It is recommended that departments purchase 256-bit AES encrypted flash drives, self-encrypting external Solid State Drives (SSD) and hard drives for external storage needs. When self-encrypting drives are not feasible due to compatibility or are cost prohibitive, use of a software encryption solution such as WinZip Pro, Windows Bitlocker or Mac OS X Filevault with a standard external storage solution is acceptable. A list of manufacturers of hardware-encrypted flash drives, external SSDs, and external hard drives is listed below.


  • Flash drives that are customized, pre-printed and/or preloaded with ECU data will not be approved for purchase
  • Flash drives purchased as blank should not be provided as promotions with ECU data included
  • Flash drives from state contract vendors (Staples, Tiger Direct, CDWG, etc.) and distributed without content will be approved for purchase
Encrypted Flash Drives Encrypted External Solid State Drives Encrypted External hard Drives
Kingston Samsung Portable SSD DataLocker (Ironkey)
Ironkey Western Digital (WD) My Passport SSD Western Digital
DataLocker DataLocker 3 Seagate
Kanguru Seagate  

Servers, Medical Equipment, Special Software

Before purchasing IT equipment or software, departments should submit an IT Help Desk service request for a server assessment or desktop support consult to answer questions related to network connectivity, data storage and other needs of the project and to ensure that ECU’s security regulations are followed. Please note that any purchase over $5000 requires approval.

Need assistance planning an IT project? Submit the IT Project Request form.

ECU-Supported Software

Visit the software guide for a listing of ECU-supported software. Find ECU-licensed downloads free to ECU users, vendors for other supported software, the latest versions and available training opportunities.

For special software purchases, a Software Accessibility Review request ensures your software purchase is accessible based on Section 508 guidelines and W3C content accessibility guidelines.


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