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An ITCS technician will respond to support requests during regular operating hours.

 Phone: 252-328-9866 / 800-340-7081

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The Desktop Support team offers the following services for department ECU-managed Windows and Mac desktop and laptop computers.

Installation and Repair

Set up. New ECU-managed systems for employees are imaged with university-approved software, including operating system, Microsoft Office Suite, security apps and more. Data files from a previous work system are transferred to the new from the user's backup. See the Related Articles list on this page for more information on how to prepare for a new ECU computer.

Repair. The technician diagnoses the problem and repairs the system at that time, if possible. Occasionally, the repair requires new parts like a new hard drive, for example. Parts may be covered under system warranty or the cost charged back to your department (FOAP required). Please discuss out-of-warranty repair options with the technician. Ordered parts usually arrive within three business days. There is no charge for repairs.

Clinic Support. A technician responds within 2 hours to an ECU-managed clinic computer issue.

Purchase Consultations and Quotes

Submit the Technology Purchase Consultation service request for your department’s desktop, laptop or tablet requirements. See the Related Articles list on this page for technology device recommendations.

Surplused Department Computers

Submit this request if you have computers to be picked up for surplus.

Surplused computers are evaluated, and if possible, repurposed. If a system is not salvageable, it is sent to surplus.

Available To

Departments, Faculty, Staff

Service Availability

Monday through Friday | 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Service Level Expectations

A desktop support technician will respond to a clinic problem request within 2 hours. Ordered replacement parts usually arrive within 3 business days.


No fees are charged for repair. Any parts ordered are covered under warranty. If the computer is out of warranty, ordered parts are charged to the department’s FOAP.

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