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Can deleted media be recovered?


Record and Manage Media

How long can I record?

Screen Capture

There is no limitation on how long you can record. However, our team’s recommendation is to record in increments of 15 minutes or less. Recording and uploading is resource intensive. Longer recordings may fail to upload. If a recording fails to upload, it cannot be recovered.


Source: How do I record video with webcam in Studio?

You can record any length recordings, but the recommendation from Canvas 5 minutes or less.

Can failed recordings be recovered?

No. If a recording fails to upload, it cannot be recovered.

Can deleted media be recovered?

No. We recommend creating a collection to store media temporarily before deletion. Once you are certain, you no longer need the media, proceed with deletion.

Source: How do I create a collection?  | How do I move media to a collection?


Why did my file fail to upload?

Source: Studio Supported Formats

Some files may fail to upload due to how the file is encoded. If a file fails to upload, try converting it to another format, such as .mp4. This format tends to upload more consistently.

Embedding Media in Rich Content Editor

Where is Studio located in the Rich Content editor menu?

Source: How do I used Studio in the Rich Content Editor?

From the editor menu, click the Apps icon the search for and select Studio.

Image: Apps icon Rich Content Editor

Image: Canvas Studio App


Is the data in Insights correct?

If students view Canvas Studio media in a mobile device web browser and not in the Canvas Student app, their view time is not always recorded.

Are there other methods to track student activity on media?

There are no other reporting methods, but instructors could embed a video quiz or require students to comment on media.


Are media downloads tracked?

No. This has been submitted as a feature request. You can vote for this feature to be added by visiting the idea submission at https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Idea-Conversations/Canvas-Studio-Downloads-Tracking/idi-p/402039


Why aren’t Studio quiz grades displaying in the gradebook?

Source: How do I post Studio quiz results to the gradebook?

Studio quizzes can be set to be ungraded or graded. If you want a Studio quiz to be graded, it must be deployed as a graded assignment.

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