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This article provides a comparison of the most highly-requested features available in our supported lecture recording tools.

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Recording, Uploading, Editing and Sharing

  Panopto Video Studio


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Basic Editor (Trim/Cut) Nondestructive, browser-based editor. Videos can be restored to original after editing. Videos created using the desktop recorder can be edited BEFORE upload.
Canvas Integration
  • Share entire video library.
  • Embed videos in Rich Content Editor.
  • Standalone portal available for access and use outside Canvas.
  • Access to record only available through Canvas. 
  • Embed videos in Rich Content Editor.
  • Machine-generated captions automatically added to all videos.
  • Captions can be edited.
  • Captions can be exported as .txt file.
  • User initiates addition of machine-generated captions for each video.
  • Captions can be edited.
  • Captions can be exported as .srt file.
Classroom Recording
  • Select classrooms are equipped for recording. Search the Classroom Directory for Panopto.
  • Some classrooms offer scheduled recording.
Desktop Recording (Record outside classroom) Use the no-install, browser-based recorder or download and install the desktop recorder.

Download and install the desktop recorder.

Meeting Recordings

Opt-in to automatically import meeting recordings from Webex.

Playlists Create and share playlists. -
  • Integrates with Canvas Gradebook.
  • Create multiple quizzes.
Integrates with Canvas Gradebook.

Student Recording Assignments

Students can record and submit videos as assignments.

Students can record and submit videos as assignments.

Upload Existing Videos Commonly used formats accepted.
  • Commonly used formats accepted.
  • Each video uploaded can be no larger than 10 gigabytes.
Technical Guidance
  • Panopto creates local files that provide the possibility of recovery if video fails to upload.
  • Review the how-to article on Multi-Section / Course Sharing.
  • Videos that fail to upload cannot be recovered. 
  • Record in chunks of 15 minutes or less for the best technical experience.

Watching Videos

  Panopto Video Studio
Bookmarks/Notes Viewers can add private bookmarks and notes. -
Discussions/Comments Threaded, timestamped discussion. Threaded, timestamped discussion.
Subscriptions Subscriptions allow students to follow a course Folder or Tag, so they receive notifications of newly uploaded videos or videos that have a specific tag applied. -
Variable Speed Playback Watch videos at a faster speed to save time. Watch videos at a faster speed to save time.
Video Search Every word spoken or that appears in slides, documents, etc. can be searched. Search results allow users to ‘jump’ to search result to begin watching. -


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