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This article provides resources to help students learn to get started using the viewer, recording, uploading and editing videos.

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Computer and Browser Requirements

In this vendor article, you’ll find the required operating system, hardware configurations and browsers.

Panopto in Canvas

There are several ways your instructor may share Panopto videos in Canvas. We’ll cover the two most common.

Panopto Video Link

Look for a Panopto Video link in the course nav to access the entire video library and to locate the folder(s) where you will submit video assignments.

Screenshot: Panopto Video link in Canvas course navigation. 

Embedded Videos

Instructors may opt to embed videos in Canvas pages. You can open embedded videos in a new tab or expand them to full screen.

Screenshot: Video embedded in Canvas page.

Video Viewer Tour

The video viewer has features that make watching more useful and efficient.

Watch the Video Viewer Tour
  • Bookmarks & Notes: Add private bookmarks and notes.
  • Machine-generated Captions: Every video includes machine-generated. Accuracy is 70-75%.
  • Search: Search every word spoken or displayed on screen.
  • Variable Speed Playback: Increase or decrease the playback speed
  • *Discussion: Post timestamped questions or comments to your instructor or other students.
  • * Download a Video: You can download videos for offline viewing.

Recording, Uploading and Editing Videos

Your instructor may require you to record or upload videos using Panopto Video in Canvas. The tutorials below will help you get started.

Internet Browser

For the best experience, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Recording a Video (4m 15s)

We recommend using the browser-based recorder, which does not require installation of any software.

Uploading a Video File (1m 08s)
You can upload videos recorded with your phone and many other devices.
Edit a Video (2m 12s)

Panopto has a basic editor that allows you to trim and make cuts from your videos.

Practice Recording
Log into the ECU Panopto portal to practice using Panopto before an assignment is due.

How to Get Help

Submit a Panopto Video Ticket

The ECU team responds to tickets during business hours (Mon thru Fri, 8:00 – 5:00).

Vendor Support

The vendor provides support via e-mail at


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