Articles include activating Panopto in Canvas, importing Webex meeting recordings into Panopto and multi-section/course sharing plus associated terms and conditions.

Articles (9)

Pinned Article Panopto Video - Activate in Canvas

This article provides steps for activating Panopto in Canvas.

Video Recording & Management Tools Features

This article provides a list of the most highly-requested features available in our supported lecture recording tools.

Panopto Video for Students

This article provides resources to help students learn to get started using the viewer, recording, uploading and editing videos.

Panopto Video: Multi-section / Course Sharing

Video reference copies are the recommended method for sharing videos into Canvas courses or sections that are not cross-listed. This article provides key information and steps for creating and identifying reference copies.

Import Webex Meeting Recordings into Panopto

Panopto users can opt-in to have Webex Meetings they host automatically imported into Panopto. See how to enable this option in your Panopto account settings.

Confidentiality Agreement - Digital Media System Administrators

You must agree to the conditions in this confidentiality agreement to be granted administrative privileges to Mediasite.

Digital Media Capture Memorandum of Understanding

Department application administrators agree to this digital media capture MOU annually.

Digital Media Capture Terms and Conditions

When using ECU digital media capture systems, you agree you have been informed and understand the best practices and policies as well applicable laws associated with these tools

Granting Access to Course Recordings

Occasionally, viewing access to course recordings is required for peer review, accreditation, sharing, etc. See this standard procedure for requesting access.