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Available to

Graduates only

Please Note: Legacy alumni accounts (xxxx@alumni.ecu.edu) created before 2014 reset passwords at login.microsoftonline.com.


  • Account Authentication (also called two-factor and MFA) – Security action to verify your identity using your alumni password and a second method of verification. Setup and management is through Microsoft 365 security settings.
  • Azure Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) – Access this secure service through Microsoft 365 account settings (choose the Password tile). Passwords must be 15 characters and are changed annually. Alumni no longer use pirateid.ecu.edu for password resets.
  • SSPR login
    • xxxx@ecualumni.ecu.edu – Go to pirate365.ecu.edu or mymail.ecu.edu, click your account image and choose View account. Choose the Change Password link on the Password tile.
    • xxxx@alumni.ecu.edu - Legacy accounts created before 2014 log in to the SSPR system at login.microsoftonline.com.

What is an alumni email account?

Only students who receive a degree are eligible for an alumni email account. After graduation, if you do not register for courses within 120 days, you automatically receive:

  • Alumni email. The email address converts to xxxxx@ecualumni.ecu.edu, and all items in your student account remain with the new address. Mailbox size is 50GB.
  • OneDrive storage. 100GB storage folder that includes Office apps to create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents through your browser.
  • If you enroll in courses within the 120-day period, your student account remains active.
  • If you enroll in courses after the 120-day activity window, your alumni email account converts back to your old student address. All items in the account convert back to the student address.
  • Passwords and 2-step authentication are managed through Microsoft 365 self-service password reset and security settings.

Why use Microsoft 365 SSPR?

Alumni no longer use pirateid.ecu.edu for password resets.

Once enrolled, you are able to manage your password and account authentication methods through Microsoft 365 account settings.

SSPR is secure as it automatically enforces ECU’s security policies while allowing ITCS to quickly apply new industry-standard security policies when required.


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  • Passwords are changed every 365 days.
  • Passwords are updated through a user's Microsoft 365 account settings.
  • Required criteria:
    • At least 15 characters
    • Must use at least three of these four categories: upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, special characters
  • Do not use any part of your name.
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