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  • MFA. Multifactor Authentication is an identity verification method that uses information you know (your password) and something you have (authentication device) to verify your identity when logging in to ECU resources.
  • Authentication device. A mobile device or landline phone used in the MFA process.
  • Verification methods. Users set up a primary and secondary form of identity verification: Authenticator app number matching, phone call or text message.

What is Number Matching Verification

Number matching is one of the ways users can choose to verify their identity when logging in to ECU resources. During ECU account setup, a user will select number matching as either the primary or secondary form of verification and download the Microsoft Authenticator app.

During the MFA process, numbers are displayed in a popup on the computer screen. These number are typed into the "Are you trying to sign in?" Authenticator app textbox. The user then taps, "Yes."


Why use ?

This method is often used by banks or credit card companies as a more secure way to log in to resources as it safeguards against accidental identity approvals.

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