Cellular Service and Pager Support


  • Pager support during business hours: 252-737-5200
  • Pager support after hours: 252-328-9160
  • Return or Exchange a pager: Brody 1S10 kiosk
Pirate Techs Support: 252-328-9866 / 800-340-7081

Pirate Techs Chat


Cellular and pager service plans and related equipment are provided from several vendors for university business use. The negotiated plans are designed and intended to cover the state's normal requirements for service and equipment at competitively attractive rates.

Information Technology & Computing Services (ITCS) is available to assist with consultation relevant to mobile devices being a viable solution or option.  Customers interact directly with ITCS for ordering and billing and directly with the vendor/provider for warranty/repair issues and ongoing support. To ensure proper pricing and service plan utilization, all orders must be placed through ITCS.

Mobile Device Usage Guidelines

  • Business justification is required and submitted by the department.
  • Inquiries related to the Mobile Communication Device (MCD) allowance should be directed to ECU Human Resources.
  • Monthly vendor bills are reviewed before payment.
  • Under-utilized devices or high-cost devices should be terminated or replaced with more cost-effective alternatives.
  • Personal material on mobile devices is prohibited.
  • ITCS maintains an inventory of mobile devices.

Available To

Faculty, staff, departments

Related Policies and Guidelines

Mobile Communication Device (MCD) Allowance

Get Started

Step 1. Choose a plan and/or device

AT&T Wireless Service Plans - 25% Equipment - 50% Accessories - 25%
US Cellular Service Plans - 15% Equipment - 50% Accessories - 10%
Verizon Wireless Service Plans - 22% Equipment - 25% Accessories - 25%

AT&T FirstNet

In addition to providing plans for the typical administrative and technical staff, FirstNet Solution is available as part of the cellular service offering. Designed to assist authorized public safety agencies, authorized affiliated businesses and personnel providing public safety services, the AT&T FirstNet program was developed in coordination with the federal government to provide effective cellular solutions for first responders, regardless of their respective location at the time of the required communication.

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Fees vary per vendor for these services.



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