Telephone repair, relocation and support. Voicemail PIN resets. Fax support. Cellular and pager services.

Services (5)

Cellular & Pager Services

Information about cellular and pager services.

Fax Service Account & Support

The ECU fax server allows staff, faculty and departments to easily and securely send and receive documents directly through Outlook.

Telephone Service & Support

All campus telephones are digital and utilize the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Submit this ticket to request support or repair, a new telephone or line of service, relocation, caller ID update or a line settings change.

Voicemail Service & Support

Request a new voicemail account for a new user, report voicemail issues or request help with resetting a voicemail PIN.

Webex Calling Account

The Cisco Webex Calling feature allows you to add one or more phone numbers to Webex for voice calls, voicemail and contact management through your computer or mobile device. Recommended for those who telework and travel.