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Qualtrics is a browser-based survey software licensed by ECU. Qualtrics offers many advanced, but user-friendly features such as easy survey design and question libraries.

Our license allows for unlimited use of the software for legitimate ECU-related research and educational activities.

Qualtrics is NOT approved for the collection or storage of institutional (HR & financial), FERPA, HIPAA or sensitive data. For research using these types of information, please use REDCap Online Research Survey tool.


  • Prior to conducting any new research, all survey distribution is subject to the University & Medical Center Institutional Review Board. You need to meet UMCIRB criteria before conducting research.
  • From the IPAR website: “Any person proposing to administer a survey to more than 200 ECU students, faculty, staff or alumni on university property and/or using university resources must obtain prior approval from the Survey Review and Oversight Committee. You should submit a request using our online request portal.
  • Monitor your content.
  • Educate users to whom you give collaborate permission.
  • Adhere to university policies and guidelines.

What happens when you leave ECU

It is the user’s responsibility to REMOVE data or share with the appropriate institutional owner PRIOR to leaving the university.

Once a user (student, staff, faculty) leaves ECU, the Qualtrics account access is turned off and data is deleted after one year. Access by others, internal or external, is also removed. ECU keeps a screen shot of any intact permissions in the event someone asks for access.

ITCS permanently removes data over one year old and remove any access when the faculty/staff/student is no longer with the institution.

Submit this ticket:

  • To resolve problems creating an account
  • To resolve problems logging in
  • To request collaboration with a non-ECU user
  • To troubleshoot an issue
  • To ask a general how-to question
  • To create a short survey URL

Available To

Full-time faculty, staff and students

Access eligibility

  • Surveys must be owned by a faculty or staff member.
  • Part-time and adjunct faculty (EPAF) employees do not have access to Qualtrics.
  • If you leave ECU, your ECU Qualtrics account is no longer be available. Surveys are removed once your PirateID is deactivated. Before leaving ECU, you should transfer survey ownership to an ECU individual or group.

Get Started

First create an account from the Qualtrics login page using your PirateID username and ECU password only. This account is immediately available to create and distribute surveys.

Do NOT create an account at the Qualtrics site. You will not have access to the surveys or data you create there.

NOTE ABOUT STUDENT WORKERS: Student workers can open their own Qualtrics account and create surveys for faculty and staff. However, the survey MUST BE OWNED by the responsible faculty or staff member.

  1. Student creates the survey and then requests ownership be transferred to the faculty or staff member. The student is then added back as a collaborator.
  2. The faculty/staff member logs in and begins a new survey (minimum of at least the survey title). Student is added as a collaborator and continues to build the survey.

Features and Benefits

Qualtrics offers many advanced but user-friendly features such as:

  • Easy survey design with question libraries, point-and-click editing, automatic choices and question randomization
  • Comprehensive list of question types including pick, group & rank, drill down, rank order, heat map and hot spots
  • Collaboration
  • Polls
  • Distribution & Panel Management

Related Policies and Guidelines

Survey regulation

Learn More

Explore these resources from Qualtrics:


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