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To ensure compliance with legal requirements governing Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), ECU established the Identity Theft Protection Committee (ITPC) to oversee the collection, segregation, disclosure and security of SSNs and PII and the development of related policies/regulations.

The Office of Institutional Integrity oversees and manages requests for use of SNNs and PII for the university as well as the ITPC committee.

The NC Identity Theft Protection Act was passed December 2005 and addresses the protection of personal information:

  1. SSNs may not be transmitted over the internet in unencrypted form.
  2. SSNs may not be used for authentication without other identifying information.
  3. SSNs may not be printed on any material mailed to an individual unless specifically required by federal law.
  4. Individuals must be notified of security breaches when there's a reasonable likelihood that their identifying information has been compromised.
  5. Identifying information covers a wide range of data, including SSNs, bank account numbers, driver's license numbers, biometric data (fingerprints), passwords and parent's legal surname prior to marriage (often used by financial institutions as a form of authentication).
  6. A violation of this act can result in significant monetary damages, exposure of personal information that could result in damages to the individual, and security breaches that could tarnish the reputation of the university.

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Submit this request for approval to collect, store, use or disclose Social Security Numbers or other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) subject to the North Carolina State Privacy and/or Identity Theft Protection Act(s).

ITPC Request Process

  1. Submit this PII Use Request including any required disclosure forms.
  2. The ITPC reviews your request and may contact you with questions.
  3. Submit a Technology Security Assessment request if new or unapproved technology will be used to process or store the PII (e.g., software, devices, services, online service, etc.). Security concerns help determine approval of your request.
  4. The request is presented at the next available committee meeting for final approval. You may be asked to attend to address concerns from ITPC members.

Allow at least 30 days for the entire process.

Note: The submission of this request does not equate to approval.

Related Policies and Guidelines

ECU’s SSN/PII policy states that SSN and PII information may only be collected, used and/or disclosed by ECU and its employees and agents as permitted by applicable law and university policy and only in furtherance of legitimate university business.


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