IT Security - Compliance

PCI, Rapid7, Microsoft Intune, GDPR, data management, information security and approvals/exception requests.

Categories (2)

Information Security

Security best practices and responsibilities, security management assistance and security awareness development.

Approvals - Exceptions

FERPA data hosting, file sharing exception, SNN/PII use request, vulnerability management exceptions, export controls review.

Services (5)

Enterprise Data Management Support

The Enterprise Data Management Support Services (EDMSS) team collaborates with the campus community to manage ECU's data. This team develops data modeling, metadata management and data quality solutions.

Mobile Device Management - Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune helps users balance data access with data security on a mobile device.

PCI Support

This category of requests is directly related to devices in scope for PCI (process credit card information) or the PCI firewall. This includes, but is not limited to, any changes needed for a PCI workstation, adding/removing/relocating workstations/printers, PCI firewall changes, etc.

NEVER enter credit card information into your request.

Rapid7 Support & Onboarding

Rapid7 InsightVM is a vulnerability management service that autonomously scans servers, network devices and other applicable systems to assess the vulnerability/exposure landscape as well as ensure these systems are in compliance with campus policies.

*Security, Governance & Compliance General Support

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