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The Data Steward representative for your requested data type will respond to questions during regular business hours.

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NOTE: Formstack is NOT approved for collection of HIPAA or PCI data.

Submit this form to request Data Steward approval to collect Level III or Level IV data. If you are already collecting Level III/IV data through an existing form, submit this request for compliance purposes.

While there is no approval necessary for the collection of Level I or Level II data in Formstack, Data Stewards must approve Level III (confidential/sensitive) and Level IV (highly restricted) collection. Feel free to reach out to the Data Steward for your specific area if you have questions. To learn more about ECU's data classifications, visit the Data Governance classification page.

Your form needs to include:

  • Contact information
  • Formstack form title
  • Information type – check the appropriate box for each Level III or IV domain
  • Data description for each domain type
  • Justification
  • External users with whom data will be shared
  • Submissions purge schedule (required)

Submission Process

Once this request is submitted, it routes to the appropriate Data Steward for review. You will be notified whether the form is approved or denied. 

Approved requests allow you to collect data for the specified life of the form.

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