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Newly-hired faculty and staff, newly-admitted and prospective students and department-sponsored non-employees receive a username, or PirateID. A PirateID and unique strong passphrase, created during the activation process, are used to log in to IT systems such as the ECU network and email.

A PirateID username is not the same as the ECU ID, or Banner ID, which is a unique number identifying an employee or student within ECU’s administrative systems. Your Banner ID can be found in your account information within PiratePort, ECU's secure portal.

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Passphrase Maintenance Portal

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students, Retirees, Non-employees,

Get Started

A newly-assigned PirateID is activated through the passphrase maintenance portal. During this process, you will set up security questions, add your mobile number, add an alternate email and create a passphrase. For more information, see the knowledge base articles.

Features and Benefits

The passphrase maintenance portal is also where you:

  • Reset your passphrase. This is required every 90 days.
  • Unlock your account. Accounts lock after three unsuccessful login attempts.
  • Reset your security questions.
  • Change your notification email.
  • Set a mobile number for texted activation code.
  • Reset Multi-Factor Authentication for a trusted device.

Service Availability

The passphrase maintenance portal is available 24/7.


No fees are associated with this service.


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