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An ITCS technician will respond to support requests during regular operating hours.

 Phone: 252-328-9866 / 800-340-7081

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All campus telephones are digital and utilize the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that allows voice calls over an internet connection.

There are three ways to check your voice messages:

  1. A notification on your phone's LCD screen and a message waiting light on the hand set alert you to a new message. Press the Messages button to check voice mail. You must have a voicemail PIN.*
  2. Play the voice mail message from your ECU email inbox.
  3. Dial 252-328-9870 to check from any phone off campus.

*Create your voicemail PIN through the Cisco Personal Communications Assistant portal. PLEASE NOTE: When off campus, you must be logged in to the ECU network through a VPN connection to access the portal.

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Manage your telephone and voicemail accounts through these portals. To access either portal while off campus, you must be connected to the ECU network through a VPN connection.

Available To

Faculty, Staff

Get Started

Manage your voicemail settings through your office phone or a web browser.


Click the Messages button on your office phone or dial 252-328-9870 to access the vm system from off campus. You must have a voicemail PIN to access the voicemail options from your office telephone or off campus. Follow the voice prompts to change:

  • your greeting
  • message settings
  • preferences
  • transfer settings

Web Browser - Cisco Personal Communications Assistant

See the related article for step-by-step instructions.


No fees are associated with this service.

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Check and manage your voice mail.


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