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Rapid7 InsightVM is a vulnerability management service that autonomously scans servers, network devices and other applicable systems to assess the vulnerability/exposure landscape as well as ensure these systems are in compliance with campus policies. Scans can be ad hoc or scheduled to assess exposures.

A vulnerability assessment ensures that university-owned or supported applications and infrastructure are patched and secured at the time the scanning is conducted. A vulnerability assessment is required before an application is made available for production use. Anytime a system is updated or replaced, a scan should be requested.

Server administrators, distributed IT and Rapid7 InsightVM users are encouraged to utilize Rapid7 for patch management. See the Vulnerability Management Memorandum of Understanding in the Related Articles section of this page for a list of server administrator responsibilities.

Available To

Faculty, staff

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  • Add a new user
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Rapid7 InsightVM New Systems Onboarding:

  • Add, replace or modify systems in the Rapid7 InsightVM application

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