ECU Collaborate Terms of Use

What is ECU Collaborate?

ECU Collaborate is a web-based service that uses Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 technology. This service makes it easy for users to work together on documents, tasks, contracts, or events, and allows users to capture and share ideas as well as information. ECU Collaborate is accessible both on and off campus via its easy to use web interface.

What ECU Collaborate is NOT:

ECU Collaborate is not intended as a replacement for shared drives (i.e., PirateDrive). Once your project is finished, you should download your files to PirateDrive for permanent storage. (see the Backup and Restore Policy below).

Client Requirements

Any Windows, Mac, or Linux client can use ECU Collaborate features, provided the client runs the following software:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher are the preferred browsers for the SharePoint environment. These will provide the richest experience possible for the user. For Mac and Linux users, our testing has shown for the best user experience, Safari 3.1 or greater or Firefox 3.0+ should be used as replacements for Internet Explorer. These browsers do not provide the full functionality that Internet Explorer does however.

A client program, such as Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013 or Office 2011 for the Mac (required if the user contributes documents to a site, but not necessary for browsing) will provide the fullest feature set of all the Microsoft Office suites. Other versions of Office will work but some functionality might be limited.

Site Setup

In order to have an ECU Collaboration site, a user must first complete the SharePoint Site Creation (ECU Only) form at ECU faculty and staff as well as Student Organizations are eligible for collaborative space. Students, undergraduate or graduate, cannot be site collection owners therefore if a site is needed for a student organization, the faculty or staff mentors must submit the request. They will be listed as the site owners and can add additional student administrators.

Sites will be built by the SharePoint administration team for the requestor. The default template will be a Team Site.

Site administrators will receive a training packet upon site creation completion. Additional training sessions can be requested.


ECU Collaborate is secured with a Go Daddy wild card 128-bit certificate. Information transmitted to/from the site is encrypted.

SharePoint is a browser based application, session cookies must be enabled. Remember to close your browser to end the session.

SharePoint heavily relies on JavaScript. If your browser has JavaScript disabled or are running an add-on like NoScript, functionality will be reduced.

Data Restrictions:

Sensitive documents (i.e., HIPAA, SSN, etc.) are strictly prohibited and cannot be stored directly in SharePoint. Sensitive documents should be stored in departmental folders on PirateDrive. It should be noted and stressed that users are responsible for managing the permissions to all data under their control. Media content/files recorded by ECU constituents must follow the Media Release Consent Guidelines.

HR and FERPA data can be stored in SharePoint. You must have approval from the data owners to store FERPA data. To do so, you must fill out a FERPA Data Permission form at You may be requested to provide documentation of approval by the data owner(s). For more information on the storage of sensitive data, see these guidelines for protecting sensitive data.

Information Storage Recommendations

To preserve the security and confidentiality of sensitive information, confidential documents shall not reside within SharePoint’s collaborative workspaces.

Quotas are set at 500Mb per site. Additional storage may be requested by your department.

You are responsible for content freshness. Inactive sites are subject to removal. If it has been determined that a site is inactive, you will be notified prior to any site being removed.

Site Administrators Responsibilities

Site administrators are defined as anyone who is listed as a site owner, a site collection administrator, or someone listed with Full Control permissions.

There should be two SharePoint Site Owners for each site at all times. Should one owner leave, inform ITCS who the new owner should be. This is important as emails are periodically sent to site owners of upcoming events and other notifications from ITCS.

Site Administrators will not remove the SharePoint Admins group from their SharePoint site. This group is added for your benefit should there be problems with your site. Removing this group will violate the terms of use.

Site Administrators are responsible for changes in worker status and must remove users from their SharePoint Site.

Site Administrators are responsible for managing the permissions to all data under their control.

When the site is no longer needed, Administrators need to delete their site or have it archived onto their departmental Pirate Drive space.

All site administrators shall make available to all site members via the shared documents library a copy of this document entitled: ECU Collaborate Terms of Use.

External Collaborators

Fill out the SharePoint External Access (Requires ECU Sponsor) form at A PirateID will be created for the external user and this PirateID can be added to your SharePoint site permissions.

All outside collaborator accounts will terminate after the number of days requested in the “Account Duration” above. If you need to extend this period, the sponsor will need to submit a new request to the ITCS Help Desk (maximum 365 days).


Student usage of SharePoint will be limited to student organizations, situations where the intent is to teach to the SharePoint platform, required to serve a job function, or to participate in research efforts. SharePoint is not a LMS (Learning Management System) and should not be used as such. There are other systems on campus to serve that need. There are other existing provisions for students to host a personal web site (i.e., non-SharePoint web site). See the My Web service page.

Backup and Restore Policy

Each individual top-level site (<managed path>/<your site name>) and any subsites created under it are backed up for disaster recovery only. Files, documents, discussions, and lists are not individually restored. They are only restored in the event of a disaster.

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ECU Collaborate, or SharePoint, is a secure, web-based service available to faculty, staff and student organizations to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device.