Media Consent and Release Guidelines

Recording Requirements

Several ECU technologies allow video and audio recording of class lectures, guest speakers, students and patients through still portraits, images, name, likeness or voice (virtual reality project, for example), as part of, or in conjunction with, an ECU class, project or promotional opportunity.

The ECU Media Consent Release Guidelines (see attached pdf file) clarify when written prior permission is required and other considerations. ECU needs to be able to demonstrate that it has permission from participants to include them in electronic media.

A signed Media Release form is required when:

  • Recording a lecture or class
  • Recording guest lecturers, interview candidates or others
  • Recording PK-12 students in conjunction with a class project (both ECU students conducting the project and the parents of each student in the recording must have a media release form on file)

To record patients or any act related to medical information, please contact the HIPAA Compliance Officer (252.722.2030) PRIOR to making any recordings.

For a complete reading of the guidelines, please see the attached ECU Media Consent Release Guidelines.


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