Choosing a Conferencing Tool

Do you need to schedule a conference for a class of twenty-five? Do you need to touch base with your research colleague at another institution? We can help you choose the best conferencing tool.

The tables below list the features and case scenarios to narrow down the best tool.

Search the Classroom Tech Database if you’re connecting two or more groups. Next, submit the Videoconference Scheduling service request to reserve the appropriate space. The team sets up the room and walks you through using the equipment.

To connect individuals, choose a software solution and visit the appropriate website or contact the IT Help Desk to get started.


Feature Microsoft Teams Webex Meeting Webex Trainings Dedicated Hardware1
Session Management Tools - - Yes -
HD Video - - - Yes
Application/screen sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Presentation/Document/Whiteboard Annotation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Text Chat Yes Yes Yes -
Polling Yes Yes Yes -
Viewer Statistics - Yes Yes -
Web Hosted Recordings Yes Yes Yes Yes2
Clinical/Secure Conferencing - Yes - Yes
Live Streaming Yes - Yes Yes2
Seamless Document Collaboration Yes - - -
Persistent Collaborative Environment 3 Yes Yes - -

1Conference rooms and classrooms using dedicated conferencing hardware.
2In rooms equipped with a MediaSite hardware recorder.
3Provides tools for collaborating synchronously and asynchronously.


Scenario Microsoft Teams Webex Meetings Webex Trainings Dedicated Hardware1
Employ a full-featured virtual classroom2 - - Yes -
Hold office hours or consultations Yes Yes Yes -
Host guest presenters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conduct student presentations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ideal for hosting fewer than 10 connections Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ideal for group meetings (scheduled by students) Yes - - -
Administer quiz during session - - Yes -
Organize individual meetings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ideal for hosting more than 10 connections - - Yes Yes
Traditional audio and video Conference - - - Yes
Host non-ECU users Yes Yes Yes Yes

1Conference rooms and classrooms using dedicated conferencing hardware.
2Includes session management tools. Session leader controls which participants speak/interact with collaboration tools and can break the session into multiple breakout rooms for group or individual lab exercises. Participants can raise their hands, indicate yes/no polling, demonstrate laughter and applause, utilize public/private text chat and provide anonymous feedback to leaders and presenters.