Report a Security Concern

Do you know what to do if your ECU computer is stolen? What if you responded to a phishing email and fear your account is compromised? Do you or a coworker suspect that university data has fallen into the wrong hands?

These scenarios as well as other similar situations are termed a security concern, and it's important to report them to the IT Service Desk, 252-328-9866.

The term, security concern, is any computer, network or university information-based activity which could result in misuse, damage, denial of service, compromise of integrity or loss of confidentiality of the ECU network, your computer (which is connected to the ECU network) and data (university information).

Threats, misrepresentations of identity or harassment of or by individuals using these resources can also result from a security concern.

It is every user’s responsibility to report all security concerns, whether benign and accidental or malicious and deliberate, so that appropriate resolution is undertaken with the least data loss or compromise.

Security concerns you are required to report include, but are not limited to:

  • Lost or stolen state/university computer or smart device
  • Lost or stolen digital files containing sensitive information
  • Unauthorized access to sensitive electronic information
  • Unauthorized access to your computer
  • Unauthorized access to a departmental information system or server
  • Compromise of your ECU user account
  • Disclosure of personally identifiable or sensitive information in response to a phishing scheme
  • Compromise of your personally-owned computer or device containing any university data
  • Unauthorized use of your user account
  • Disclosure of sensitive data, email release or inadvertent posting of data on a website
  • Malware on your computer or university network
  • Ransomware on your computer or university network

To report any security concerns, call IT Service Desk, 252-328-9866. If you’re unsure whether or not an activity is a security concern, call Pirate Techs who will help make a determination.

*Do not call the service desk if you receive a threat to yourself or others. Report any threats to individuals to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

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