Governance, Compliance & Security

Information technology security, compliance and governance as well as regulations, guidelines and terms & conditions

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Important Policies, Guidelines, Regulations and Terms & Conditions related to the Web, Software, Systems, and Sensitive Data

Report a security concern, make your passphrase more secure and catch up on vishing, phishing and information security best practices.

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AMP for EndPoints Malware Protection

Cisco AMP for Endpoints is a cloud-based malware protection software installed on ECU-managed computers.

Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client

This cloud-based tool extends on-campus security settings to your computer when off campus and protects against malicious content like phishing scams, fraudulent websites, malware, spyware and ransomware.

FAQ - Identity Theft Protection Committee (ITPC)

Answers to questions on using, storing and disposing of social security numbers and the SSN/PII regulation.

Information Resources Coordinating Council (IRCC)

The IRCC is the campus-wide committee advises the CIO on information technology at ECU.

IT Accessibility Compliance

See these resources to ensure compliance with ECU's accessibility compliance program.

IT Governance

The IT governance structure is designed to create transparency in decision making and establish committee and cross-campus communication.

Media Consent and Release Guidelines

Written permission is often required when including students, patients and others in research, project or promotional videos.

Software Licensing and User Compliance

Faculty and staff who use an ECU-managed computer are required to maintain a software inventory list for that computer as well as proof of purchase for software licenses.

Web Compliance

If you manage web content on the domain, see this article on required compliance with federal and state laws and ECU policy.