Report a security concern, make your passphrase more secure and catch up on vishing, phishing and information security best practices.

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IT Security Series

Collection of IT security newsletter articles 2021-22

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Pinned Article Information Security Best Practices Manuals

These security manuals outline your information protection responsibilities whether employee, manager or IT support staff member.

Pinned Article Phishing Email

Learn to spot and report malicious email and what to do if you become a victim.

Pinned Article Report a Security Concern

To prevent data loss and compromise, every user should report security concerns whether benign and accidental or malicious and deliberate.

Information Security for Personally-Owned Computers

Protect ECU data by following this guidance when using your personally-owned computer for university business.

Security Awareness Education at ECU

All ECU users are responsible for the information in their care. See these opportunities to help you meet this important goal.

Security Awareness Video Tutorials

A list of video resources to help users learn about phishing, ransomware and other IT security topics.

Vishing - Protect Your Information

Vishing, or voice phishing, is a scam that occurs over the phone. Learn how to protect yourself.