Granting Access to Course Recordings

Systems: Canvas Studio, Microsoft Teams, Panopto and Webex


ECU limits access to recordings created in the systems listed above to instructors and students enrolled in the respective course(s).

There will be occasions when faculty need to provide viewing access to course recordings for peer review, accreditation, sharing, etc. When faculty or ITCS administrators provide viewing access to recorded content, they must ensure compliance with the provisions of FERPA.

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Who May Grant Access?

Only the content owner or an ITCS administrator may grant access to other ECU faculty/staff or external guests. Access to and use of each of the referenced systems is governed by the Academic Computer Use Policy and the Student and Employee Computer Use Policy. Per these policies, accessing individual faculty computers to enforce university policies requires approval of the chancellor.

Access Duration Set by ITCS Administrators

3 month duration: peer review, accreditation, course content sharing, etc.

  • If additional time is needed, the requestor should state the desired duration in the request.
  • Content owner may remove or request removal of access anytime.  

Indefinite duration: department chair

  • Department chairs may request access to content for business purposes. Business purposes include but are not limited to absence of instructor, grading, accreditation, and teaching review.
  • Business purpose does NOT include access for an investigation into misconduct or to enforce policy; access requests of this kind require Chancellor approval.
  • The instructor of record/content owner must be informed that access is being requested.
  • Only the department chair can request removal of access.

Sensitive Data


Content protected by HIPAA or considered sensitive personal health information, protected health or otherwise should NOT be recorded or posted online in any form, even if it is protected by password.


According to FERPA, any information not considered directory information may not be disclosed to anyone except the student without prior written consent. For details about directory information, visit the Office of the Registrar’s FERPA page. There are exceptions to this rule. Institutions may release information from student records (that is not considered directory information) without prior consent from school officials with legitimate educational interest (e.g., one faculty member to another) and to federal, state and local authorities involving an audit or evaluation of compliance with educational programs (e.g., NCAA).

Requesting Access

System Granting/Requesting Access
Canvas Studio
  • The instructor of record may add ECU faculty/staff to courses in which media is shared.
  • The media owner may download media or share using links.
  • ITCS Admins can ONLY grant access to the course in which media has been shared. Submit a Canvas Help Request. Provide course details (e.g. course name, section number, course link, instructor name course link, semester, etc.)
Microsoft Teams

Submit a Microsoft Teams Help Request. Provide course details (e.g., course name, semester, section number, instructor name).

Panopto Submit a Panopto Video Help Request. Provide course details (e.g., course name, semester, section number, instructor name).
Webex Submit a Webex Help Request. Provide course details (e.g., course name, semester, section number, instructor name).
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