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Video reference copies are the recommended method for sharing videos into Canvas courses or sections that are not cross-listed. This article provides key information and steps for creating and identifying reference copies.

Vendor Documentation: Learn About Video Reference Copies

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What is a video reference copy?

  • Video reference copies reference the original video but provide a clean slate for collecting metadata (i.e., views, quiz results, comments, and notes) based on the course the video is copied to.
  • You can also modify reference copy settings (i.e., name, tags, description, owner, availability, etc.). 
  • Edits made to the original video cascade to the reference copies.
  • Reference copies do not increase our organization’s storage or usage hours.

When should video reference copies be used?

  • Reference copies should be used when a video is going to be used in multiple courses or sections concurrently.

Before You Begin

  • Reference copies can be created after a video is ready for viewing.
  • Activate Panopto Video in course(s) into which you will make video reference copies.

How to Create a Reference Copy

Step 1: Navigate to video Settings. Screenshot: Video Settings button
Step 2: Open the Manage menu.
  • From the Copy video to dropdown, select a course to copy the video to.
  • Click Create Reference Copy.
Screenshot: Manage video menu

How to Identify Video Reference Copies or Source Videos

Navigate to video Settings then open the References menu.

Here you will see if a video is the source or a reference copy.

Screenshot: Identify video reference copy


What happens if I edit the source video?

Edits made to the original video will also be reflected in any reference copies. Before the user proceeds with editing, a window will appear that indicates the number of video reference copies that will be updated as a result of editing the original. 

Can I edit a reference copy?

The edited video reference copy will become the original video to any subsequent video reference copies made from it and edits made will be reflected in those subsequent video reference copies. 

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