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This article provides steps for activating Panopto in Canvas.

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Before You Begin

  • You and your students access Panopto using the Panopto Video link that is added to the course menu after activation.
  • The Panopto Video link provides access to the full video library.
  • Individual videos can also be embedded in the Rich Content Editor (RCE) using the Apps menu.

Canvas Course Copies (IMPORTANT!)

  • After performing a course copy, you must Activate Panopto Video in the new course to trigger copy of the videos.
  • It may take up to 24 hours for Panopto to copy videos into the new course.
  • The new copies are Reference Copies. Reference copies reference the original video but provide a clean slate for collecting metadata (i.e., views, quiz results, comments, and notes).

Activating Panopto Video in Canvas

Step 1 of 3

Navigate to the course Settings and open the Navigation tab.

Step 2 of 3
Drag Panopto Video into the list of visible navigation links then click the Save button (not pictured).
Screenshot: Canvas couse Settings
Step 3 of 3 (IMPORTANT)

From the course navigation, click the Panopto Video link to open the video library page for the course.

If the Panopto Video link is NOT clicked, Panopto has not been activated in the course.

Screenshot: Panopto Video library page in Canvas




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