Microsoft 365 Apps Overview

Your Microsoft 365 subscription keeps you productive, engaged and organized.

See this overview of available apps and support resources. To access all apps, log in to your Microsoft 365 account and click the app launcher (hamburger icon) in the toolbar.

Training and Resources

Visit the Microsoft Training Center for quick tutorials on all the features of your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Office Mobile Apps

Available for your Android, iOS or Windows mobile device

Get the apps from Microsoft

OneDrive Office Online

Create new files and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents through OneDrive cloud storage using Office apps.

Learn about Office Online from Microsoft

Microsoft Office Desktop

Your subscription includes five downloads of Microsoft Office (full version) for your personal computers, both Mac and Windows. The installs are active until you graduate, retire or leave ECU. Connect to the internet at least once every 30 days to verify the subscription. Full-time employees and enrolled students only.

Log in to your account and click your profile image. Choose, View Account. Click the Office Apps tile or the Office Apps link to download Office.

Class Notebook

Organize course content into a notebook with space for you, space for each student and space for all of you to work together. See this overview from Microsoft.


Create and distribute surveys, quizzes and polls. As results are submitted, use the built-in analytics to evaluate your data. Export to Excel is also available.
See the Forms page for more information.

OneDrive for Business Cloud Storage
Save and sync your work in this 5TB cloud storage folder and access files from anywhere. Approved for non-sensitive and FERPA data.

Learn more about OneDrive


A digital notebook for your handwritten or typed meeting notes, screen clippings, ideas, links, audio commentary and more. Turn a page or entire section into collaborative space, if needed. Synchronizes across all your devices.

Learn about OneNote from Microsoft Support


Perfect for small, work groups, add Planner to a team site (see below) and create task “buckets,” assign jobs, update their status and keep yourself and the team organized and on schedule.

Learn about Planner from Microsoft Support


Upload and share your videos.

Log in to Microsoft 365 and click the Stream app icon to find resources.


Create image-rich, multimedia presentations using existing documents or from scratch. Embed video, audio, maps, documents and photos – Sway walks you through the process for reports, newsletters, projects and more. Add a password and share the link to your creations stored on the Sway website.

Learn about Sway from Microsoft Support


The Teams app provides a chat-centered work space to bring conversations, project files and collaborative tools into a single interface for instant access to everything a work group needs

See the Teams page for more information.


Your instructors may set up special Yammer groups to be used with a course. Available through Microsoft 365 or direct Yammer login link.

Learn about Yammer from Microsoft Support

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