LTI & Publisher Tools

LTI (Learning Technology Interoperability)

Learning Tools Interoperability is an education technology specification developed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. It specifies a method for a learning system to invoke and to communicate with external systems.

Publisher Tools

Publisher tools are digital resources provided by textbook publishers to instructors using books or other course materials created by the publisher. These tools may be free or fee based.

How to Request an LTI or Publisher Tool

Because student data may be passed through the LTI, requests for LTIs must be reviewed and approved.

Submit a Canvas LTI Request Ticket

Review the LTI, Approval and Installation Process

Setup & Support

*Supported by Vendor | ** Supported by ITCS

Name Type Description Setup / Help Links
ALEKS* LTI Artificial intelligent assessment and learning that uses adaptive questioning to determine what students know and don’t know. ALEKS Support
Flipgrid* LTI Video discussion platform.

Flipgrid Canvas Setup

Getting Started with Flipgrid

H5P - Interactive Content Creator * ** LTI H5P allows instructors to create and embed interactive content in Canvas. Getting Started with H5P
LinkedIn Learning** LTI Link to instructional videos from LinkedIn Learning experts. LinkedIn Learning
Microsoft Teams Meetings** LTI Schedule and launch meetings in Canvas. Schedule a Teams Meeting in Canvas
OneDrive Cloud Storage** LTI Import files stored in ECU OneDrive. OneDrive 
My Lab and Mastering (Pearson)* LTI Adaptive Learning. Provides online homework, tutorial and assessment tools. Pearson Support
Norton Digital Learning Tools** Publisher Tool Learning and assessment tool. Norton Digital Learning Tools Tech Support
Portfolium** LTI Create collections of student work from their career in higher education that demonstrates skills and competencies. Portfolium 
ProQuest Resources* LTI Instructors to link to ProQuest content within Canvas. Students get direct access to the content without having to separately log in to ProQuest.

How to Embed ProQuest Documents in Canvas

ProQuest Chat Support

ProQuest Phone Support

Respondus Lockdown Browser* LTI Secure, custom browser that locks down the testing environment. Respondus Lockdown Browser 
Respondus Test Generator** LTI Create and managing exams that can be printed or published to LMS. Respondus Test Generator 
Starfish Retention Center** LTI Early-alert retention tool that works to support student academic success. Starfish
Turnitin Plagiarism Review* LTI Helps students fix citations and other writing issues. Detect plagiarism. Turnitin Plagiarism Review 
Turning Technologies (Polling)** LTI Account registration and import of grades and points from sessions.  Turning Technologies

WebAssign (Cengage)

Publisher Create online assignments and share them to Canvas course. WebAssign grades and gives instant feedback.

Canvas Set-up Steps**

WebAssign Instructor Support

Webex LTI Schedule and host meetings in Canvas. Webex


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Each LTI is reviewed and approved through the Technology Security Assessment with oversight from the Academic Technologies Advisory Committee.