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The Cisco Webex Calling feature allows you to add one or more phone numbers to Webex for voice calls, voicemail and contact management, call forwarding and more through your computer or mobile device. This is the recommended audio call option for users who work remotely. Microphone and speakers are required to make calls.

Submit this request to have a calling account created. If you have ever requested a Jabber account, skip this step and add the calling service (see Get Started).

Available To

Faculty, staff, student employees

Get Started

Submit this request to have a Webex Calling account created. After your account is created, visit the Webex overview article (see Related Articles) for configuration instructions.

Features and Benefits

Along with all the current features of Webex conferencing, Webex Calling adds:

  • Call list (recent and missed) – mouse over any number to start a video/audio call
  • Keypad to dial a phone number
  • Access to your voicemail inbox
  • Call forwarding to another number or voicemail

Related Policies and Guidelines

Webex Terms of Use

Learn More

Cisco Webex Help Center

Please note that Webex teams, spaces and chat are not available for ECU as we use Microsoft Teams for those types of collaboration.

Integrated Services

Webex Calling is a feature available through the Webex desktop and mobile apps. Learn more about Webex conferencing.


Webex offers many accessibility features such as keyboard accessibility, screen reader support, closed captioning, automated transcripts and more. See the Webex accessibility website to learn more.


No fees are associated with this service.

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