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Device encryption is a security feature that scrambles data files and renders them unreadable to everyone except the authorized user. If your encrypted device is lost or stolen, the data is safe. This not only protects the information from theft, but also you and the university from unnecessary liability.

Submit this request to have encryption enabled for the following ECU-purchased devices:

  • Mac, Windows computers
  • Android, Apple, Windows tablets
  • Thin client computers
  • USB hard drives and flash drives

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students

Features and Benefits

  • ECU-purchased Macs. Recovery keys managed through JAMF.
  • ECU-purchased Windows computers. Encryption is managed through BitLocker, a Windows 10/11 feature.
  • ECU-purchased Flash Drives. ITCS recommends Ironkey hardware-encrypted flash drives for portable storage. If the flash drive is lost, the data is protected by AES hardware encryption. Ironkey flash drives can be purchased through Staples. Flash drives from state contract vendors (Staples, Tiger Direct, CDWG, etc.) must be blank (without data pre-installed).
  • Personal computers. To learn more about encryption for your personal computers, visit the manufacturer’s support resources.
  • Personal mobile devices. Visit your device manufacturer’s support resources.
  • Email. Email encryption is required when sending sensitive data OUTSIDE ECU. To learn how to send encrypted email, visit the Email Encryption service page.

Related Policies and Guidelines

Guidelines for Protecting Sensitive Data


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