Computer & printer installs or repair; virus and malware issues; device encryption; technology threshold assessment

Services (7)

Computer Support

Request installation and repair assistance for ECU-managed computers and clinic support.

Computer Virus/Malware Issues

ECU-managed computers only. If you suspect your work computer is infected with a virus or other malware, submit this form for help.

Device Encryption

Have encryption enabled on your Android, iOS or Windows tablet, Linux, Mac or Windows desktop/laptop, Thin Client or USB hard drive or USB flash drive.

Printer Support

Submit to request department printer installation, repair or a consult/price quote.

Technology Security Assessment

Required when purchasing hardware and/or software to ensure compliance with sensitive information guidelines and policies.

Technology Threshold Assessment

The purpose of the Technology Threshold Assessment (TTA) is to aid ITCS in evaluating the information/data in the system and make the appropriate determination about how to treat the information/data, as required by University, State, and Federal regulations.

*Hardware & Printer Support

If you cannot find the service you need from the categories above, please use this form to request support, and we will direct your request to the appropriate technical consultant.