Hardware, Software & Storage

Support for desktops, laptops and other computing equipment, new computer and server quotes, secure storage, cloud storage and licensed software and downloads.

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Computer Installation & Repair, ECU Computer Purchases, Security, Encryption, Technology Threshold Assessment, Windows/Unix/Linux Server Requests & Support


Software Installation & Repair, Software Accessibility Review, Technology Security Assessment, and Software available for download including Symantec EndPoint Protection (antivirus), statistical software and more. Please note that choosing the "Request Software" link forwards you to the ECU Download Center, a site outside this service catalog. PirateID required.

Supported Software Listing can be found at https://ecu.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1409/Porta...


PirateDrive Support, Request more PirateDrive space, Backup software Options for ECU Computers, Track Security Changes to PirateDrive, Need storage for a server.