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College, School and Department Websites

WordPress is ECU's official content management system (CMS) for all college, school and department websites. Visit wordpress.ecu.edu for training information and helpful resources. Department websites use the ECU theme, and the URL is https://your-department.ecu.edu (Example: https://itcs.ecu.edu).

Personal, Group and Non-Department Websites

WordPress can be used for creating a personal or group website to share information and updates on projects or as a supplement to coursework providing more engagement between faculty and students. Personal, group and other non-department websites are available as a self-supported option and do not use the ECU theme. The URL for non-department sites is sites.ecu.edu/your-group or people.ecu.edu/your-PirateID (Examples: sites.ecu.edu/researchlab and people.ecu.edu/piratep20).

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Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students

Features and Benefits

The following is a list of examples of how WordPress can enhance your academic course.

  • Create static websites.
  • Create interactive websites.
  • House tutorials and instructions.
  • Update groups.
  • Make the blog public (available to everyone) or restricted to a group.
  • Use as a conference site.

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