Choosing a Videoconferencing Tool

Web Conferencing Tools

Webex  and Microsoft Teams  can be used to host meetings that do not require use of a dedicated conferencing room.


Feature Microsoft Teams Webex Meeting Conferencing Rooms1
Session Management Tools Yes Yes No
Canvas Integration Teams in Canvas Webex for Instruction No
HD Video No No Yes
Application/screen sharing Yes Yes Yes
Presentation/Document/Whiteboard Annotation Yes Yes Yes
Breakout Rooms Yes Yes No
Text Chat Yes Yes No
Polling Yes Yes No
Viewer Statistics No Yes No
Recording Yes Yes Yes
Clinical/Secure Conferencing No Yes Yes
Live Streaming Yes No Yes

Use Cases

Use Microsoft Teams Webex Meetings Conferencing Rooms1
Full-featured virtual classroom No Yes No
Office hours or consultations Yes Yes No
Host guest presenters Yes Yes Yes
Conduct student presentations Yes Yes Yes
Host fewer than 10 connections Yes Yes Yes
Host more than 10 connections No No Yes
Group meetings (scheduled by students) Yes Yes No
Administer quiz during session No No No
Organize individual meetings Yes Yes Yes
Traditional audio/video Conference No No Yes
Host non-ECU users Yes Yes Yes

Dedicated Conference/Classroom Rooms

There are rooms on campus that can be used to host meeting where you need to connect two or more groups.

How do I find a room?

Search the Classroom Tech Databasefor a room that is Vid Conf. Capable.

How do I schedule a room?

Submit the Videoconference Scheduling service request  to reserve the appropriate space. The team sets up the room and walks you through using the equipment.

1Conference rooms and classrooms using dedicated conferencing hardware.

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Submit this service request to schedule a classroom or conference room. Techs set up the room and provide support, as needed.