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Available to

Faculty, Staff, Students, retirees, unpaid affiliates

Note: If you are faculty/staff using an ECU-managed Mac, continue to change your password through the computer "locally." See the Related Articles section on this page for instructions.

It is recommended that personal Macs use either the Firefox or Chrome browser enroll or reset your password.

What is PirateID Self Service?

ECU has transitioned to a new password reset (SSPR) process called PirateID Self Service.

What this means for you

What has stayed the same? You still log in to pirateid.ecu.edu to update your password or unlock your account with 15-characters still required. Most password criteria remains the same.

What has changed? Enrollment with PirateID Self Service is required and takes about 15 minutes, including authentication for PirateID Self Service.*

After enrollment, you won't be reminded to update your ECU password for 365 days! Note that PirateID Self Service does not allow any use of your name.

Why switch to PirateID Self Service

PirateID Self Service enforces identity and security policies for your password while allowing ITCS to quickly apply new industry-standard updates as required.


See the Related Articles section of this page for enrollment and password reset tutorials.

Account authentication (also called MFA and 2-factor authentication) is also set up for Microsoft 365 and Single Sign-On during account activation. See the Related Articles section of this page for more information.

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