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Without buying software or leaving home, students log on to a VCL computer and access software to create class assignments. Students can use individual applications by themselves, or they can access a Windows 10 desktop that includes all of the available software. Submit this request for the following purposes:

  • Problems connecting to or using the VCL
  • Faculty can request a software profile be added to the VCL systems.

The Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) is hosted on Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).

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Get Started

Students: Access Software Remotely
First-time VCL users will need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client and add a Workspace:

Faculty: Request Software for Your Students
To request a software image for a course, submit this request form. Note that the number of software licenses available will be the maximum number of student connections allowed at any one time.  For more information, email

Service Availability

  • The VCL is not available for use outside of the US due to software license restrictions.
  • The VCL is rebooted daily at 4:00 am. New connections are not allowed as of 3:45 am. Warning messages will be sent as a reminder but please be sure to save all work prior to 4:00 am.


No fees are associated with this service.

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