User Authentication on the ECU Wired Network

ECU stores vast amounts of sensitive information on our Data Center and department servers. Hackers frequently attempt to steal this information or render it unusable through ransomware and other malicious tools. Therefore, ECU manages the communication between user devices while connected to the ECU wired network.

  • Users authenticate (verify identity) when connecting to the ECU wired network.
  • A student employee's employment status must be up to date in Banner.
  • Direct file/folder sharing between computers is not permitted. All file/folder sharing is through OneDrive or Piratedrive. Peer-to-peer file sharing using software is blocked.
  • Department network devices such as servers, IoT devices and Network Attached Storage (NAS) operates within its own network segment. If a device becomes infected with malware, the problem is confined to that network segment only.
  • ECU-managed laptops and workstations: No action necessary. If you receive a message that you are unauthenticated on the ECU network, contact the IT Service Desk 252-328-9866.


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