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Both residence halls and campus buildings include wired network ports for devices connecting through an Ethernet cable. Submit this service request to report a problem or request connection assistance for your device. This includes connecting a desktop, laptop and scheduling implementation of a file server, network attached storage (NAS) or Internet of Things (IoT) device.

Residence halls

Connect desktops, laptops, TVs and other internet-ready, non-wireless multimedia devices to this network. Authentication is required. Also, see the related article on registering an internet-ready device. Switches, routers and other networking hardware are not allowed to connect to the ECU network.


Desktops and laptops used in campus buildings may connect through the wired network. You may be prompted to go through the onboarding process. See the related article on authenticating to the wired network to learn more.

All non-ECU guest users authenticate using the sponsored account credentials. Guest users have basic internet access only. See the related article on guest accounts.

Web servers, file servers, network attached storage (NAS) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices maintained by departments and not hosted in the ITCS Data Center connect to and operate within an individual, secured segment of the ECU wired network for increased security. See the related article for more information.

To access department file shares, student employees must have a staff account.

Please Note. For security reasons, all direct file sharing traffic on the ECU network is blocked. Please use OneDrive or Piratedrive shared folders for collaboration. Users may still use applications such as Remote Desktop and Mac Screen Sharing services to remotely connect to devices on campus.

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See the related articles to connect your computer to the ECU wired network or register an internet-ready device like a smart TV or multimedia device in the My Devices portal.

If you manage any of the following device types, submit this request to schedule implementation of new or existing equipment.

To obtain a staff account for a student employee to access department file shares, submit the Sponsored PirateID Request.

Device examples

Department servers. Includes software applications, web servers or file sharing servers not physically hosted in the ITCS Data Center and accessed by users.

Network Attached Storage (NAS). A storage device that is traditionally always on and typically acts as a backup server or file sharing location for departments. NAS devices must undergo a review process during setup to ensure no mission-critical or sensitive data is stored on the device.

Internet-of Things (IoT) devices. Devices that are NOT laptops, desktops, tablets or cellular devices that connect to the internet. These devices typically use an internet connection for communication to a software or application that is hosted on a server. Examples include smart meters, JOAN boards, monitoring systems, Smart exercise equipment, etc.

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Students living in residence halls register devices with the My Devices portal to connect to the ECU network.
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