Network Access Control Building Implementation Schedule

Updated June 15, 2023

Project Schedule

We are now in Phase IV of the Wired Network Access Control (NAC) deployment. The project spans several months, and dates will update as more campus areas are scheduled.

Security protections include:

  1. Identity verification. All users, including guests, authenticate (verify identity) when connecting to the ECU wired network.
  2. Device compliance. User devices must be compliant with security policies.
  3. Sharing and Collaboration. Department equipment like servers and network-attached storage (NAS) are assigned an individual network segment isolated from other segments, reducing risk in the event of a security breach. Access policies make shared network resources like printers available to users, but computer-to-computer sharing is prohibited.
    If your department has these types of equipment, submit the ECU Wired Network support request before your department's transition to ensure the equipment is added to the appropriate segment.
  4. Student employee accounts. A student employee's employment status must be up to date in Banner. This ensures the student receives proper network access.

This is a campus-wide project with current buildings and dates listed below. Buildings and dates are added as we move to subsequent phases of the project.

Building Implementation   Building Implementation
Brewster 6/5/2023   Wright 7/31/2023
Christenbury 6/5/2023   Speight 7/31/2023
Austin 6/12/2023   Rivers 7/31/2023
Howard House 6/5/2023   Whichard 7/31/2023
Fletcher Music 6/5/2023   Bate 9/25/2023
Clement 6/1/2023   Health Sciences 9/25/2023
Fletcher 6/1/2023   Graham 9/25/2023
Garrett 6/1/2023   Flanagan 9/25/2023
Greene 6/1/2023   Rawl 10/23/2023
White 6/1/2023   MFTC 10/23/2023
Cotton 6/1/2023   Redditt 10/23/2023
Fleming 6/1/2023   Warehouse 10/23/2023
Jarvis 6/1/2023   Slay 10/23/2023
CHS 6/1/2023   Joyner 11/27/2023
Gateway 6/1/2023   Joyner East 11/27/2023
Jones 6/1/2023   Spilman 1/12/2024
Legacy Hall 6/1/2023   Old Cafeteria 1/12/2024
Scott 6/1/2023   Student Union East 1/12/2024
Tyler 6/1/2023   Mamie Jenkins 1/12/2024
Umstead 6/1/2023   Taylor 1/12/2024
Facilities 4th St. 7/3/2023   Science & Technology 5/17/2024
Harris 7/3/2023   Blount - PD TBD
Croatan 7/3/2023   Ross A & B TBD
McGinnis 7/3/2023      
Messick 7/3/2023      
Howell 7/3/2023      
Ragsdale 7/31/2023      
All scheduled maintenance occurs after hours

To learn more about how this project affects connection to the ECU network, see the article: User Authentication on the ECU Wired Network (Related Articles).

Please contact the IT Service Desk if you have questions or experience issues such as:

  • Inability to log in
  • Web browser asks for login credentials
  • Inability to connect to network resources like servers, file shares, printers


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