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FAQ - OneDrive Cloud Storage

Jump to a section: General | Setup | Storage | Sharing & Collaboration | Sync | Mobile | Office Online General What are the benefits to using OneDrive? 5TB of storage for ECU users; 100GB

FAQ - DocuSign and Formstack

Jump to a section: General Information | DocuSign | Formstack   General Information What are DocuSign and Formstack? DocuSign and Formstack are electronic tools designed to simplify manual

FAQ - Student Technology Information

Can I run Windows on a Mac? Do I need to purchase a warranty? Does ECU recommend iPads, smartphones or tablets? How do I connect to the internet on campus? How will I use my computer

FAQ - Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

Which publisher LTI tools are available in Canvas? Where can I search for LTI tools? When are new LTIs installed? What if an LTI is not approved?   Which publisher and LTI tools are

FAQ - Windows 10/11 Upgrade for Students

Are there restrictions on shipping addresses? Can participating students continue using the software after they graduate? Do these products provide the same functionality as those available

FAQ - Canvas Studio

Record & Manage Media How long can I record? Can failed recordings be recovered? Can deleted media be recovered? Uploading Why did my file fail to upload? Embedding Media in

FAQ - Canvas Instructors

Adding Students & Instructors to Canvas Can I add students to my course? Can instructors who have not yet signed a contract access Canvas? Incompletes How are incompletes managed in Canvas

FAQ - Pirate Techs Student Support

Are students REQUIRED to own a computer? Can I purchase from any computer vendor? Do you recommend a particular computer? Does financial aid include the cost of a computer? Is the cost of

FAQ - REDCap Online Research Surveys

How can I make changes to a survey that is already in production status? How do I cite REDCap? Is there a recommended browser for accessing REDCap? One of my collaborators is unable to see

FAQ - Microsoft Teams

IT Service Desk 252-328-9866 | Pirate Techs Technology Support Centers Choose a category and jump to the answer. Access/Create How do I access Microsoft Teams

PointSolutions - Student FAQ

How do I register my clicker or mobile device? Can I use a used clicker? Is there a cost for the mobile app? Can I use the PointSolutions mobile app instead of purchasing a clicker? Is

FAQ - Pirate Print Student Printing

Are faculty and staff allowed to print in computer labs? Are refunds given to students if there's a balance at the end of the semester? Can I submit a print job from my mobile device? Can I

Import Webex Meeting Recordings into Panopto

Overview Panopto users can opt-in to have Webex Meetings they host automatically imported into Panopto. This article provides information and steps on how to enable this option in your Panopto

FAQ - Audiovisual

How can I connect my laptop to the projector or other display? Should I shut down the computer when I am finished? What equipment is available? Who do I contact if I need help?   How