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Except for SAS software, which is a separate service request, these statistical software packages are available for download through the ECU Download Center (click the Request Software button). Click a title to learn program specifics like availability, platform, versions, terms and conditions and training resources. If you require assistance with installation, please submit a Software Support request.


Computational software used in scientific, engineering and mathematical fields and other areas of technical computing.


Allows engineers and data scientists to work with large amounts of data in a variety of formats such as sensor, image, video, telemetry, databases and more.


This general-purpose statistical software package is designed for easy interactive use. Minitab is well suited for instructional applications, but is also powerful enough to be used as a primary tool for analyzing research data.


An all-purpose, qualitative data analysis system. Handles non-numerical, unstructured data and allows hyperlinks to illustrations, audio and video clips.


SAS is a software suite for advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, data management and predictive analytics. Click the SAS title and jump to more information and the request form.


JMP desktop statistical software uses a structured, problem-centered approach to analyze data on Windows, Mac and Linux. The interface automatically displays graphs from stats so that users can discover data patterns more easily.


SPSS includes tools for data access and preparation, analytical reporting and predictive modeling.


Amos is a special purpose statistical add-on software package that estimates structural equation models (SEM) for manifest and latent variables. Its point-and-click interface makes it easy to learn and use, but a fairly high level of statistical sophistication is required to take advantage of all features.

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See the IT Knowledge Base Software >> Statistical and Research category for details on each software.


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