Computers and mobile devices

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Faculty and Staff Computers

Computer replacement/retirement program, prepare for a new computer, FAQ - device encryption,

Student Computers

Information and recommendations related to student personal computers.

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Best Practice - Mobile Device Security/Departments

Guidance for the appropriate use and security of department-purchased mobile devices to protect the ECU network and information from unauthorized access.

Tutorial - Computer Backup (Mac)

See these guidelines for creating a backup of your ECU-managed Mac computer.

Tutorial - Computer Backup (Windows)

Follow these best practices to create a backup of your ECU-managed Windows computer in preparation for a new system, a hard drive re-image of the same system, a software update or insurance against a hard drive crash.

Tutorial - Mobile Device Encryption

All mobile devices used to access ECU email or other business functions require the device meet security requirements and be encrypted. This article outlines how to enable encryption on your personal mobile device.